CannaBru at The First South African Cannabis Expo – Menlyn, Pretoria 2018

After the ConCourt’s ruling on 18 September 2018, to allow the use and cultivation of cannabis for personal and private use  – The First ever Commercialized South African Cannabis Expo then took place.

The Cannabis Expo was hosted at Time Square in Menlyn, Pretoria from 13 to 16 December 2018.

At the time I had been working very closely with a Brand and Seedbank called Pachamama Seeds South Africa – I was in charge of all things IT, such as the Website, Hosting, Maintenance, etc.

Upon the announcement of the Expo, Pachamama Seeds had managed to acquire a Vendor Spot at the Expo, which was absolutely epic! As this was a History First, and I was able to part of it – At the forefront of the Foundations of what is and what will be, the South African Cannabis Industry.

Sadly I had missed the first day of the Cannabis Expo, but the following 3 days were beyond excellent!

Loads to See and Do

With quite a bit to do, I was kept busy most of the time – Eating, Reading, Talking, Listening, Drinking and Walking – Trying to capture all the good moments as I went along with my camera. This was the perfect opportunity to build a network of like minded individuals within the same, brand new industry.

Everything from Bong and Pipe sales to CBD infused drinks… From Grow Tent Setups to Medical Talks… Apparel, Beauty products, Cultivation, Law, Medical and everything in between was there to be seen.

These all included the likes of People and Businesses like:

  • Bongalong SA
  • Dr Weed SA
  • The Nomad Bar
  • Schindlers Attorneys
  • Simon Strain Hunter
  • The Hotbox Show

People from all around and all walks of life could be found there – Some of the more cultural had made for some good photography subjects, as you can see below..

There was one vendor in particular that was really entertaining – With Banter and Performance… That was The Nomad Bar – Serving a very tasty CBD infused drink that you could enjoy with or without Gin.

The Owner had been doing these crazy tosses and flips with ice and bottles – So that was pretty interesting to watch (Even more so when you’re stoned, as I was).

Below are some shots of this guy doing his thing at the bar…

Check out the Slideshow video on our Instagram Page

Random Shots

I know I am unable to provide you with the exact same experience, but here are some photos that could give you an idea of how awesome it in fact was.

Vendor Bender

I was really surprised by all of the different vendors and already established cannabis businesses in what was and basically still is a brand new industry.

All of the information, sights and sounds really got my head running – Being an entrepreneur myself, I was quite intrigued by all that was happening.

A took a short video of the various Vendors located in the Main Area. Check it out below.

Some of the Exhibitors in the video include:

  • Delta Pak 9 – Delta 9 Pak provides high quality printing, packaging and graphic design services at competitive rates.
  • Vape Store SA – South Africa’s largest selection of table top vaporizers and portable vaporizer.
  • Little Shop of Strange – The Little Shop of Strange is an exciting, fun and creative little shop. It is something different from the ordinary. We cater for the alternative, tattoo, horror, zombie lovers (believing in the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse), metal heads, skull fanatics, geeks, occultists…
  • Veg Tech – Vegtech is the leading supplier of undercover growing solutions in Southern Africa.
  • Cannabis Energy Drink – The One and Only Original Cannabis Energy Drink. It tastes great and packs a consistent energy punch for hours.
  • Bio Leaf – Our passion is to grow, we are on a path of continuous improvement and innovation in agricultural growing medium applications.
  • Roots Movement – The Roots Movement is a lifestyle brand dedicated to educating people about hemp and its remarkable properties.
  • Trichoma Merchandise – a 100% locally produced and manufactured Cannabis Apparel brand.
  • Ceed Box – We here at CeedBox, strive to help both the amateur and seasoned grower produce the cleanest and highest quality bud, in optimally controlled conditions.

Those are to mention only a few!

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