The LTQ Vapor KP-1 Rosin Press – Best Affordable Press in South Africa


The LTQ Vapor KP-1 Rosin Press

… Is probably the best manual rosin press in its class. The KP-1 is a cheap, but well built rosin press of excellent quality.

This rosin press is excellent for producing your own rosin / wax / dab at home. And now that South Africans are legally allowed to cultivate and consume cannabis privately at home – Having the ability to extract your own concentrates at home as well, is now a much more affordable option.

Who is the KP-1 for?

The LTQ Vapor KP-1 Rosin Press is for anyone older than the age of 18, who seek to press their own cannabis flower into a consumable concentrated form (Wax / Dab / Rosin).

Many prefer a concentrated form of cannabis for many reasons – of which include, but are not at all limited to: A smoother, tastier hit when smoking (No burned plant material), for more intense effects (It is a concentrated form), for alternative consumption options (Dabbing, Vaping, Infusing, etc).

How does it work?

Simply place the raw flower material (fresh or cured) between 2 sheets of baking paper, and then put that in the middle of the lower heating plate. Crank the handle a few times to bring the heating plates into place. Once tightly pressed, wait 30 seconds for the heating plates and pressure to produce the concentrate. The LTQ Vapor Rosin Press Machine KP-1 also boasts a temperature control function. The heating tube will automatically heat to the set temperature. Note, the temperature only measures in Fahrenheit.

What are the Specs of this baby?

The KP-1 is small and easily transported. All it requires is a regular house plug power source to operate.

Weight: 9Kg
Size: (L)195mm x (W)130mm x (H)312mm.
Using voltage: 90-120V, 220-240V
Machine power: 200W (100W per heating tube, a total of two heating tubes)
Hot pressing table size: 115mm x 120mm

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