Flying Domestic in South Africa with Cannabis – It is Legal


I wonder if we can now fly with cannabis, legally?

– A thought that would’ve crossed many cannabis users’ minds, ever since the ConCourt Ruling on 18 September 2018.

Now that all South Africans are allowed to cultivate cannabis privately and to use it privately at home, and to also possess it on one’s person – Perhaps we could fly domestically with it too?

See this article about The Legal Status – Cultivation and Using Cannabis in South Africa.

Well, we are happy to share with you – That Yes, it is Legal – But of course, with that comes the basic rules and understanding about the Dos and Donts around this topic.

The Police Directive

According to the police directive issued after the ConCourt ruling in September 2018, it is legal for passengers to carry cannabis on a domestic flight.

“Passengers flying on a commercial airliner with small amounts of cannabis:
Provided that the quantity of cannabis is small and based on all the circumstances of a specific matter, including the concealment of the cannabis in a bag or luggage of a passenger, possession for personal consumption, by an adult passenger on a domestic flight, is permitted.”
Now, there are rules to abide by in order to save yourself some stress and embarrassment – As nobody wants to be pulled aside from an airport queue, then questioned, searched and detained. You can keep yourself safe by following the basic rules.

Keep it Small

As stated in the directive, “Small Amounts of Cannabis”, is something that really must be adhered to. Unfortunately we cannot state how much “Small” is exactly – No body actually knows what this amount is yet, and won’t know until the law defines these guidelines. But until then, I suggest around 15g to be safe – Why? We explain that further down this article.

Keep it Securely Concealed

Keep your Stash concealed and secure! While it may be legal – The K9s will still be alerted by the scent, and also for the consideration of fellow passengers. Keeping it tightly wrapped, and inside a container (Plastic) will do the trick – Stash boxes / wallets would work perfectly fine too (See The Zoot Case). This is then kept on your Hand Luggage / Back Pack / Carry On.

Adults Only

I do not think that any more is need to be said here. These new cannabis allowances are only valid for Adults (18+).

Tried and Tested Outcome

• Cannabru

Recently I had flown from The Mother City back to The City of Gold, using a Local Domestic airline. Inside my Carry on, I had packed my Stash Box, in which contained a Steel Grinder, Steel Pipe, 15g of Bud as well a Rolled King Size Cone. Also note, there was nothing else in the backpack besides my ID.
The Cone, Pipe and Grinder
At the Security checkpoint, My bag went through the Laser X-ray vision box thing, inspected, and then exited. Suddenly everything stopped, the Inspection Lady says something to her colleague. The bag then goes backwards into the box again. A 2nd time for a closer inspection I guess, but at this point I thought I was about to be detained for the contents I had in there.
After a very long 10 seconds, the guard continued things along – With a massive sigh of relief and a smirk or excitement, I took my bag and made my way back to Jozi.

• Sunshine Coast

Another tried and tested success story came from Sunshine Coast Genetics – who travels to Johannesburg and Cape Town from Port Elizabeth rather often. On his two most recent trips – He had comfortably got through security checkpoints with rolled joints, that were kept in his cigarette box alongside the cigs (Great idea for Concealment).
However, on a 2nd return trip, his spoon pipe that was also packed in the carry on, was questioned. This didn’t lead to anything serious though, a few laughs from the security officers when they’d seen what it was that had flagged them – So all in all, another proven success.

Final Statement

So, we can comfortably say that our Airport Security are definitely allowing Small Amounts on board domestic airliners – But we cannot guarantee that all are as “allowing” as the next. But just to cover the main points again:
  • We suggest up to 10g to be safe (I had pushed that though).
  • Sealed away nicely and tightly,
  • inside your Carry On luggage.
If you are however confronted, make sure that you have your facts lined up. Keep calm and explain how you calculated the amount that you are carrying. Stand your ground and be peaceful.
The Dagga Couple along with their organization Fields of Green for All, offer this Service – Join The Queue – For those who find themselves in trouble with the law and cannabis. They provide you with guidelines and all paperwork that you would require (For Free), as well as access to Cannabis lawyers at discounted rates.
So onward we go, to a Greener South Africa – Happy Travels! Flight 420 is now departing.

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