The Cultiv8kitz Germination Starter Kit (GSK)


The Cultiv8kitz GSK is the perfect solution for any Home Grower, beginner or avid, to get their grow journeys off to an optimized start!

What’s included in the GSK Fem / Auto / CBD:

•1 x Step-by-Step Guide
•1 x Red / Pink / Purple Solo Cup
•1 x Germination Vessel (small container w/ lid)
•1 x Humidity Dome(large container w/ lid)
•2 x Cotton Rounds
•1 x Wooden Label Stick
•2 x Small Label Stickers
•1 x Small Wooden Handling Tool
•1 x Jiffy
•1 x Sq. Coco Peat
•1 x Clear Plastic Workspace Mat
•1 x Fem / Auto Fem / CBD Fem Seed

Cultiv8kitz is Shipping During Any Lockdown Level.

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